Serhiy Kvit

Head of the Department, Doctor of Philology, Professor

Yevhen Fedchenko

Director, Mohyla School of Journalism, Co-founder/Chief Editor,

Viktoria Romaniuk

Deputy Director, Mohyla School of Journalism. Associate professor, lecturer

Diana Dutsyk


Ruslan Deynychenko

Executive Director of Mohyla School of Journalism

Iurii Panin

Technical Director of Mohyla School of Journalism

Yaroslava Fedoriv

English Lecturer

Iurii Storozhuk

"Laboratory of Public Broadcasting" Course Lecturer

Olga Valchyshen

"Magazines productions" Course Lecturer

Kateryna Voznytsya

Tutor of the "Animation and motion design for journalists" course

Daria Taradai

"International Journalism" Course Tutor

Mariia Teteriuk

Lecturer of "Media Research Theory" and " "Theories and Methods of Discourse Analysis" Courses

Sheryl L.Reed

Guest lecturer for "Literary Journalism" and " Investigative Reporting" Courses

Dariya Orlova

Senior lecturer, courses "Theory of Mediaculture" and "Research methods for media studies"

Maria Zhdanova

Senior Lecturer in "New Media", "Multimedia Journalism" and "Coding for Journalists". Digital Strategist at

Oleksiy Nabozhnyak

"Economy Journalism" Course Tutor

Zhanna Bezptiatchuk

Lecturer of the "Philosophy of Communication" Course

Serhiy Polischuk

Senior Lecturer