The Mohyla School of Journalism is a unique educational center that combines theoretical training, practical experience, and research in mass communications, film, and journalism.

The purpose of the School is to develop the media and mass communications industry, and to train a new generation of professional journalists able to lead this development.

The school offers a curriculum that includes master’s (MA) and doctorate (PhD)  programs in Journalism.

The Mohyla School of Journalism is recognized as the undisputed leader in journalism education in Ukraine. This recognition is due to the high efficiency of our training, and a number of advantages the School possesses:
– We know and understand the Ukrainian context, but at the same time focus on leading global achievements.

– Training at the School is based on innovative approaches to education, and combines individual, team, and interactive types of learning, allowing each student to try his hand at various professional roles.

– We have built a creative, friendly, and at the same time critical environment that encourages the growth and creativity of each member of the educational process.
The international team of teachers at the School includes the finest practitioners, researchers, and academics in the fields of traditional and new media, business, arts, social sciences and humanities, and interdisciplinary studies.

– The School’s unique technical base allows students to work with modern equipment and the latest software.

– A network of strategic partners brings together representatives of leading Ukrainian and Western media, business, NGOs, research, and educational institutions, allowing us to engage the best experts in the learning process.

– The School is located in Podil (Kyiv’s Lowertown), the historic heart of the capital, adjacent to the main editorial offices of the country’s leading media.

Learning through practice
During training, each student creates dozens of individual and team projects and journalistic materials, including articles, radio and television reports, documentaries, internet projects, and journals. In addition, students have an opportunity for practice at leading Ukrainian and foreign media.

High professional standards
From the first days of training, we teach students to comprehend and assimilate the values of ethics and professionalism, and to be exacting in their own work and that of their colleagues. We teach them to thoroughly and objectively analyze complex situations and to cover them with an awareness of possible consequences.

Compliance with the present
We track the latest changes in the industry, and provide students with knowledge and skills that not only meet current requirements, but also provide for and take into account the possibility of the further development of journalism.

Current research achievements
An important direction of the development and activity of the School is the research carried within international research groups by our teachers and doctoral candidates in the “Mass communications” PhD program. The results of our research and experimentation in media and mass communications are presented at numerous international events, and are published in Western journals.

History and Achievements

The Mohyla School of Journalism at the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” was founded in 2001. The new philosophy of journalism education at NaUKMA has influenced curriculum formation and faculty selection. The main specialization of the School is news and coverage of important public events through different types of media. Although significant study time is devoted to television and radio, we deliberately avoid narrow specialization and orient students to work in a multimedia environment. Our graduates work in television and radio, and in print and Internet media.

The school offered two post-degree professional development programs: the “Digital Future of Journalism” education program for media professionals (2007-2013) and “Digital Media in Universities” qualification program for teachers of journalism in universities took (2011-2013). Both were possible due the support of the Rinat Akhmetov “Development of Ukraine” Fundation.

In the past 16 years, we have conferred degrees on 261 graduates of our MA program. We have held a number of thematic training workshops, as well conferences for journalists, educators, government representatives, and NGOs. Over 170 leading national and regional media journalists took part in our “Digital Future of Journalism” professional education program; 30 professors participated in our “Digital Media in Universities” program.

Apart from performing numerous educational activities, the Mohyla School of Journalism reacts to current social changes.  In response to the rise of Russia’s propaganda against Ukraine in 2014 2014, teachers and graduates of the Mohyla School of Journalism set up, fact-checking website now available in 10 languages. Over the last three years, the success of this project proved our ability to create effective media projects and influence the processes in media sphere on the international level.

We are proud of our achievements. We continue to systematically and responsibly carry out our mission of creating a present and future for Ukrainian journalism.