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We track the latest changes in the industry, and provide students with knowledge and skills that not only meet current requirements, but also take into account the possibility of the further development of journalism.

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Learning through practice

  During training, each student creates dozens of web, radio, TV and print projects. In addition, students have an opportunity for practice at leading Ukrainian and foreign media.

High professional standards

 We teach students to comprehend and assimilate the values of ethics and professionalism, and to be exacting in their own work and that of their colleagues. We teach them to thoroughly and objectively analyze complex situations and to cover them with an awareness of possible consequences.

Compliance with the present

  We track the latest changes in the industry, and provide students with up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Current research achievements

Our School conducts a reputation and communication audit survey commissioned by Ukrainian and international donors, media, and NGOs.
The results of our research and experimentation in media and mass communications are presented at numerous international events.

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“eternal students”

Що говорять випускники?

“We were quickly taught not only the theory, but practical skills. Me and my classmates have found jobs right after graduation. There was no need to teach us, we already knew everything. When I came to the radio, I instantly became an editor, because I could work in softwares that process sound and was familiar with the requirements to the radio clips. All this knowledge was very helpful.”

– Nina Kuryata, Editor-in-Chief, BBC Ukraine