The Basics of Hermeneutics

This course is an essential part of studying theories and interpretations of mass communications. It is important for theoretical training in media studies, development of research skills, study hermeneutic phenomenon, consider the major intellectual debate in European history in philosophical and mass communication contexts. Students will be able to acquire adequate reading experience, and the ability to use philosophical concepts to achieve understanding and forming their own views on various hermeneutical issues. Upon successful course completion, students should know: (1) Basic theory of interpretation in their historical development; (2) the feasibility of philosophical hermeneutics; (3) the fundamentals of communication philosophy. Students must also be able to: use a polemical philosophical concepts in context; formulate and defend their point of view; think critically evaluating different sources and messages; achieve understanding and self-understanding, and to write well-structured and properly represented scientific texts.


List of the course tutors

Serhiy Kvit