Philosophy of communication

The course proposes the review of contributions made by the philosophers of the 20th century to the contemporary theory of communication. The major points of their philosophical projects are discussed in the light of their impact on the concept of communication. The course comprises the following topics: existential communication (Karl Jaspers), phenomenology of communication (Edmund Husserl, Alfred Schutz), culture and communication, theories of sign and symbol (Ernst Cassirer, Susanne Langer, Edmund Leach, Karl Jaspers), structures of communication – structuralism and post-structuralism (Jacques Lacan, Pierre Bourdieu), hermeneutics (Hans-Georg Gadamer, Paul Ricoeur), critical theory of communication – rationality, discourse, communicative action, public sphere (Jürgen Habermas), communication and social systems (Niklas Luhmann), communication in post-modernism (Jean Baudrillard).


List of the course tutors